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Aerotech shafts are becoming more and more recognised on the world’s professional golf tours as more and more Pro’s discover the power of composite shaft technology.  Aerotech shafts are the pioneers in composite shaft technology and have started winning around the world as players reap the benefits of Steelfiber iron shafts.

Aerotech shafts combine the power of graphite and the consistency of steel shafts to make one explosive shaft that’s designed to lower your scores, play more consistent golf and get more enjoyment from the game. To find out more about Aerotech shafts, click the link below to get detailed information and specs and the ability to purchase through our Aerotech shafts online dealer – Tour Spin Golf

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Iron Aerotech Shafts

Iron Aerotech shafts have more victories on the PGA Tour than any other graphite shaft. See what shaft is right for you and your game

Hybrid aerotech shafts

Enjoy the same technology and benefits from Iron Aerotech shafts in your Hybrid club. Enough weights and flexes for every swing type

Wood Aerotech shafts

Aerotech shafts has taken the same technology foind in the original steelfiber and built it into driver and wood shafts that deliver.

The Technology Behind Aerotech Shafts will transform your game

Aerotech Shafts Technology

Inside Aerotech shafts is filament-wound carbon fiber. This filament winding process produces a seamless and amazingly uniform bending shaft. The elevated strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber delivers optimum stiffness and strength properties at lighter weights than steel, and the lightweight properties of graphite increase clubhead speed and promote greater distance. In addition, the vibration dampening properties of graphite reduce the risk of injury and player fatigue during the round.

Steelfiber Hoop Strength
Wall Thickness
Perimeter Weighted
Filament Wound Carbon Fiber
Bundle Drawing Process
Aerotech Shafts

Featured Aerotech Shafts

The Steelfiber line of iron shafts from Aerotech shafts is the backbone of Aerotech and is becoming an increasingly dominant shaft on both the PGA and LPGA Tours. This month you can get $25 off any set of Steelfiber shafts from Tour Spin Golf, our official Aerotech shafts online supplier.

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If you’d like to buy Aerotech shafts please head on over to the Aerotech shafts online store at Tour Spin Golf.

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